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In 2010 a group of thousands lead by Kay stopped the bridge proposed then over Lake Lavon.   She did it by uniting around protecting the lake and the area around the lake; its environment and the resources it provides to Collin County and the millions of people who visit it from hundreds of miles around.

Kay’s infectious love for Lake worked!  Commissioner Joe Jaynes led the way in calling for the bridge study to be rejected and for the bridge path to be taken off the county’s long term plan.  What a grassroots success!

Her wisdom was by rallying to SAVE LAKE LAVON, she also STOPS THE LAKE ROUTE.

Today, Collin County is growing.  New roads and transportation options are needed for the future of the county.  BUT, do we want to forsake The Gem of Collin County, Lake Lavon by putting a monstrous amount of steal and concrete through the center of the lake. Doing so is a FOREVER DECISION. There is no going back, there is no do over. LET’S GET THIS RIGHT.

To do so we will need to help educate our local and county elected officials. That is our mission.