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You can make a difference. Especially at the local level. Elected officials are looking for public input. While some weigh it heavier than others, most are open to it and want theSandraRitzman dialog. Talk to them. Write them. Go to meetings. You CAN make a difference.

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Our groups has already captured the notice of news outlets, councils, mayors, commissioners, judges, candidates.  Our group showed up in strength at the Collin County Commissioners Court and was successful in having the language calling explicitly for the Lake Corridor (Penisula) highway removed from the resolution.  Our group show up in large numbers (~166) at the Wylie Workshop in early November to voice our wishes to the Wylie City Council and to the NCTCOG Staff.  These efforts have made a difference… And YOUR EFFORTS CAN TOO


Collin County Commissioner’s Court

Dallas County Commissioner’s Court

Anna            Princeton

Fairview      Rowlett

Lucas            Wylie

Murphy        Farmersville

NCTCOG Regional Transportation Council (RTC)

Sign our Petition to the NCTCOG, Collin County Commissioner’s Court, and US Army Corps of Engineers click here.

Lake Lavon and the areas around the lake are an unrivaled resource in the DFW area. No other lake of its size is without major obstructions like the proposed bridge. Bisecting the lake and running a major highway through its environment will forever damage the uniqueness and usefulness of the lake and will negatively impact The Lake Area.

  • Environmental Impact: Run off from COG’s projected thousands of automobiles per day into a lake that provides water for many cities and SUDs in Collin County. NTWMD concurs… we have the emails.
  • Nature Impact: Wildlife and fishery disruption in the heart of the lake will change their pattern for years to come.  The lake area is home to one of the few remaining DFW areas that still retains pockets of untouched beauty: greenbelts and forests where bald eagles have been seen flying overhead, Owls, hawks, falcons, woodpeckers, and a myriad of other birds take their roost. A place where red fox, raccoon, coyotes, turtles and countless other wildlife can still freely make their homes.
  • Noise Pollution: The amount of noise from normal automobiles with eighteen wheelers will carry over the water for literally miles. Tranquility base here, Houston we have a problem!
  • Boat Traffic Danger and Impediment: Sail boat have one last lake in North Texas without bridges, Lake Lavon… say goodbye. Normal boat traffic, the danger in navigating such a structure on a busy weekend without incident is greatly impacted.

Remember, we are the group of: YES!

YES to Transportation Solutions for Collin County. There are many, many solutions that do not require large swaths of land to be taken for new routes.

– YES to Transportation Solutions for Collin County.

– YES to improving and modernizing existing roads.

– YES to our Lake Area Communities.

– NO Lake Corridor; NO $200M Bridge over Lake Lavon.