October 18 Lake Corridor Update

October 18 Lake Corridor Update from Christine H.


A bunch of us showed up at the NCTCOG meeting on October 16th. Although they said the meeting wasn’t for the Lake Corridor specifically, they did end up presenting on the Lake Corridor. This is why it’s important to show up to every single meeting, you never know what will happen! A quick summary:

• NCTCOG is recommending the road

• They made circular arguments about why the road is necessary, it’s pretty much all “build it and they will come” over there.

• They want it to get on the mobility plan so they can do the environmental study  and figure out if it’s good to go. THIS IS A TRICK. I cannot stress this enough. Once the road gets on the mobility plan it becomes 100 times harder to kill. Do not fall for whatever they tell you on this subject. We heard it all back during the Blacklands corridor fight. The time to kill this road is NOW with pressure on elected officials. Make some noise! ‎

• Dan Lamers from the NCTCOG said the RTC members are the ones who make the final decision and we could talk to them. While technically true, you have more power on your city and county officials. If you only have time to engage one set, make it your City and County representatives. Once the RTC sees that cities are officially opposing the road, they are wayyyyy more likely to vote against it. Do not let city and county reps tell you they are powerless against this. They are not!! Collin county asked for this study, they can stop it. Cities were able to stop the last road after enough pressure from the citizens. If you have time to contact everyone by all means, please do contact the RTC. Roster here: http://www.nctcog.org/trans/committees/rtc/documents/roster.rtc100617.pdf

• We will try and get the RTC emails up on the Facebook group. The Facebook group is a great hub of information and discussion so visit often. Look for shared videos, data, etc.


• Contact Collin County reps. You are probably in Cheryl Williams or Chris Hill’s precinct. Williams is up for re-election Nov 2018. Tell them you under no circumstances want this road in any shape or form. ‎ There are other options: improving roads, widening 78, underground lanes on 78, etc. We are not against solutions, just against this one.


• ATTEND THE NOVEMBER 9TH WYLIE AND NCTCOG WORKSHOP. This is critical, we get them both in one room accountable to US. Be there, be prepared, ask questions, be civil but firm. 

• If you haven’t already sign the petition: https://www.change.org/p/save-lake-lavon-no-new-bridges-no-lake-corridor

• Email the RTC.

• Continue to spread the word! Tell your neighbors, tell your church, tell your kid’s school, give out flyers. The flyer is attached to this email.

Keep up the good work!