Get Up To Date

To bring everyone up-to-date:

  • The Lake Corridor was first introduced by the NCTCOG as an idea in February of this year. It would be the equivalent of Central Expressway and run to the East of Hwy 78 from George Bush TP through Rowlett, Sachse, East Wylie, over Lake Lavon (150′ wide Bridge dividing the lake), up the Peninsula, through Princeton, and continue north from there.  It is the ONLY path the NCT COG proposed that involves NO major existing right of way.  This means building the Lake Corridor will involve much more destruction for surrounding communities.  However! it is NOT agreed to by all municipalities and it is not a done deal.   Other paths already exist and are much better candidates for a freeway.
  • On October 23, 2017, 25 of our members were able to drop everything and showed up to the Collin County Commissioner Court meeting in McKinney in the middle of the day, with only 4 hours notice to voice our concerns on the Lake  Corridor.  We were successful in that the court amended their resolution to remove the language specifically calling out The Lake Corridor.   The resolution pass by the court simply stated they support studying north-south routes for a highway in Collin County.  This is a much more generic resolution than would have likely passed if our voices were not heard.  So good job guys!  This shows that WE THE PEOPLE do have the ability to influence our future and preserve our community. It just takes effort and numbers.
  • The next most important step in this process is the meeting NOVEMBER 9th at 6 p.m. at the Wylie City Hall where there will be a workshop with the NCTCOG to provide information and for citizens to provide feedback. PLEASE COME. YOUR VOICE MATTERS AND WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
  • There are over 1,300 signatures on our petition please make sure that yours is one of them!  That’s one quick, easy way to help:…
  • It is very important for everyone to continue to email the County Commissioners the NCTCOG the regional municipalities and your local city councils and Mayors in addition to attending the City Council meetings.