Primary Challenger to Announce for Collin County Commissioner Pct 2

Joey Herald has previewed via social media that he intends to throw his hat into the Republican primary race for Collin County Commissioner Precinct 2.  On Dec 4 at 7 pm at the Wylie Recreation Center, 300 Country Club Dr. Bld 200, Wylie, Texas his official announcement is anticipated.

Herald will challenge Republican incumbent, Cheryl Williams.  Cheryl, in the past, has been supportive of the southeast Collin County rural way of life. In 2010, when she challenged the incumbent and won her seat, she did so partially because of her voiced sympathy for preserving the area’s way of life. The area then was also facing a massive toll bridge over the main portion of Lake Lavon.  So, is history repeating itself for a new challenger?

Not likely.  Perhaps.  Certainly.

Answer: We’ll see.

Herald has made some statements that hint at opposition of the Lake Corridor. In one Facebook reply to a question of position on the Save Lake Lavon – NO LAKE CORRIDOR group, Herald writes, “I do believe the corridor is not wise…”.


But Williams has also made statements to people along those same lines; and Williams was instrumental softening the wording of the Collin County Commissioners Court October 23rd Resolution to the NCTCOG, by removing the explicit call out for the Lake Corridor (peninsula) highway.  So, is there really that much difference between the two candidates on the topics so important to Saving Lake Lavon and our lake neighborhoods? Too soon to tell. Perhaps we will know more at the Dec 4 announcement.

Like Williams, Herald served several terms as a councilperson for a major Collin County city. For Herald that was on the Allen City Council. The job he is running for is to represent a very large portion of Collin County, Precinct 2. Can Herald best Williams in March?

Herald is off to a late and difficult start. He has planned his announcement event, but at the time of post, the event was yet to be displayed on Herald’s own campaign website; not even on the events pages of his site. May not seem like much of an issue, but it points to other potential manpower and money problems his campaign may be facing. Time will tell, but it appears that Williams’ war chest eclipses Herald’s.

Then there’s endorsements and visibility.  Since Herald is relatively late to the gate, Williams has attended many Collin County GOP events as the only Republican candidate for her position. Also, Williams has amassed a large number of prominent endorsements. Herald has to overcome those issues.

Additionally, Herald still actively owns and runs his real estate business. This could be an issues since his competitor does not split time. Will Herald sell or park his business for the campaign as Darrell Hale, candidate for Collin County Commissioner Pct 3 did?

What is troublesome for the Save Lake Lavon, No Lake Corridor crowd is, since Joey Herald appears to need to dig out of a pit to give his campaign viability, will he pander to a cause that he cannot or will not truly support in the long haul. We as the voters and potential supporters will need to consider that and judge the candidates on their words, actions, and values.