December Action Plan

The Holiday season is upon us! I know everyone is busy with family, shopping and setting up their homes, but we can’t stop making progress! Here’s what’s going on for the next week or so:

  1. Email or Call Wylie City Council. Do NOT be afraid of annoying them, that is the point. Ask them to put a resolution against the Lake Corridor Freeway on the agenda for the Dec 12th meeting. Tell them you would like this resolved asap.
  2. Attend the Joey Herald event, he’s running for the Precinct 2 Collin County Commissioner seat! If Cheryl Williams is your current commissioner, this is you! Attend, ask questions, and help ensure he will be an asset to us if he gets elected.
Monday @ 7 PM at the Wylie Rec Center
300 Country Club Road, Building 200
Wylie, Texas
  1. If you are a Wylie citizen, Attend the Wylie City Council meeting on December 12th. Either they will put the resolution on the agenda, and we go to make sure it’s passed…or they haven’t yet and we go to pressure them to add it to the next meeting ASAP. Either way, plan to be there!! It’s SUPER important we continue to show up.
Wylie City Council Meeting
Tuesday, December 12th 2017, 6:00PM 
300 Country Club Road, Building 100
Wylie, Texas 
  1. If you are not a Wylie citizen, please attend the Murphy hosted NCTCOG workshop. We need coverage there and to inform them of our opposition to the Lake Corridor Freeway. Push them towards more reasonable solutions!
Murphy NCTCOG Workshop
Tuesday, December 12th 2017, 6:00 PM
206 N. Murphy Rd
Murphy, Texas
  1. Continue to spread the word! I’ve attached a new flyer with the Wylie City Council meeting information on it, distribute it at will! Please remember not to put it IN or ON mailboxes as that is illegal.  Go here: